October 01, 2009

pink and peach

i started a new recycled project! a hand-hooked pillow. i've cut some of my old tee shirts up and a retro bed sheet... something marcia brady would of slept on!

the plan is to sell it at an upcoming shabby chic sale. i'll show you snaps when i'm finished. which should be in the next few days. stay tuned.

for my 45th birthday, my son gave me a foot spa. clipping, filing and buffing included. he even painted my toe nails. every other toe a different color. he was hoping i had john deere green and yellow, so i could have john deere toes. wouldn't of that been nice? smile, wink, nod.

slip on over to my twisted education blog if you'd like my point of view on obama and his education plan. click here!


Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Nice toes :). Hope you had a very happy one!


jamie said...

Ohh, the tea pot picture looks pretty! Gotta love the John Deere idea!

~Byn There said...

Pretty bold to post a foot pix, I know I never would. LOVE the green and yellow concept, tell Tommie I'll be on the lookout for those colors for him for the next spa treatment!
Gymnastics (sigh) I know it was the right thing for now but part of me feels like I'm robbing his destiny somehow. That's dumb, sure but still... He worked hard and really accomplished a lot and to pull him when he's finally ready to compete just kills me. He can always get back into it later if that's what the ultimate plan for him includes. Laughing in the face of adversity....