September 30, 2009

on wednesday

fall flower bouquets on my windowsills. i just used odd clear jars. less is more, sometimes.

what is it about dropping stuff off at goodwill? i always have to take a minute and saunter through the store. pink tags were half off today. this skirt practically jumped into my cart. it even had a pink tag on it. making it just $1. i'm excited to wear it to church with cowboy boots! by the way, did i tell you that on church sunday.... the 5-pc. band played the beatles song, "when i'm 64?" when everyone entered. the congregation was just beaming and grooving. popular Christian songs followed of course.

tonight, i'll start this book. miss julia paints the town. it looks pretty quirky. and i'll welcome that, after my last read, light on snow by anita shreve... it was thought-provoking and heavy.

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Lisa said...

I've read a couple Miss Julia books. Cute skirt! It was nice running into you and your mom today!