October 08, 2009

yesterday, i finished up a couple of shabby chic pillows, that i've been working on. i'm hoping to sell them at an upcoming national horse show... my cousin has offered to sell these and my other handcrafted items at her 4-day event. they're 100% recycled wool...including the thread. more are in the works... including a bird.

have you heard about this magazine? maryjanes farm? my friend lisa (check out her blog on my sidebar: cornerstone homelearning), told me about it. for my birthday my mom found a copy of my very own. i have never read such a good magazine in a long time. unfortunately it only is published twice a year. i am so in love, i ordered back issues from our library. if you haven't heard of this... head to your library and make a request! you won't be disappointed.
this morning we're heading to a couple interesting garage sales... you know, a fieldtrip for a homeschooler, right?
smile, wink, nod.


Lisa said...

I knew you would love that magazine. It's just like your blog!!!

jamie said...

Oh, my goodness...those pillows turned out soo pretty! Hope you found some good bargains today!

Anonymous said...

I am subscribing to Mary Janes Farm too.. chgck out MaryJanes Bed and Breakfast in Moscow Idaho..do a search, wow it looks so cool!- Janet M

Anonymous said...

oops MaryJanesFarm bed and b

MICHELE said...

thanks friends,
happy weekend.