October 09, 2009

sweet annie!

i never knew about head vases... until a family friend showed me her collection. i've been to a good many thrift shops, on a regular basis and never-ever saw one. well, until last week. i don't really think this is worth anything.... since it doesn't have any markings on the bottom of it. i'll tell you what, though... it's the sweetest darn thing i've bought lately! .49 cents. i stuffed a small bouquet of sweet annie in her head... peer in close and you can see. in fact, i think i'll name her sweet annie. her home is now on my kitchen windowsill, and i look forward to her holding seasonal flowers for me to enjoy... while i do dishes.

yesterday, i took final cuts of my sweet annie, gathered them in bunches and tied with raffia... to be hung on your door, instead of a wreath. i need a few small thank-you gifts and will give these plus a large sunflower head (for the birds)...as my token of appreciation.
yesterday, tommie and i went to a garage sale...he was after a dump trailer for his lawnmower. which had been sold before we got there.... long story.. he's been working for our neighbors rabbit farm, i call it a hatchery, for over a month. everyday after homeschool lessons, he heads over on his tractor and works around the farm... moving rabbits, sorting rabbits, feeding and watering and general barn work. he works on the average 2 hours a day, sometimes 3. it's always been my dream for him to work at a young age. work ethics, common sense, and responsibility are big on our list here. and the education he is getting on the farm, doesn't even come close to what a classroom could offer. plus, his wallet is getting fatter and i think he likes that the most!!
smile, wink, nod.


Joyful said...

WOW!! That head looks interesting.
I have never seen one, either.
Wonder how much it's really worth.
I believe you got a bargain.

Lisa said...

WTG Tommie! I hope he inspires David to get a job.

Btw, David missed Tommie today. He told me he was looking around for him and didn't see him at lunch.