February 16, 2009


OUTSIDE MY WINDOW: It's dark. Except for the security lights and the branches are bare! And, it's cold. And, damp.

FROM THE LEARNING ROOM: We're taking an adventure with Lewis and Clark, this week! And, learning about Thomas Jefferson. Fractions. And, lots of review games that I made...so I can pass them along to friends.

I AM THANKFUL FOR: wool socks, my freezer, empty jars for crafting, the Internet, cloth napkins, my church, and all of the good people in my circle, just trying to be happy and upbeat and trying to do the right thing.

FROM THE KITCHEN: warm banana-chocolate chip bread! It's for breakfast!

I AM WEARING: A really pretty blue wool sweater that I bought at the .25 store. Black turtle neck, earrings that Tommie made me, blue jeans, wool socks and ropers.

I AM READING: Two VERY INSPIRATIONAL AND WONDERFUL books about Tasha Tudor, that my mom gave me.

I AM HOPING: The pains in my legs go away soon...I've overdone it on the treadmill...my calves are really bothering me! I'm also hoping, for a good nights sleep.

I AM CREATING: Nothing at the moment...but Tommie is NEEDLE-POINTING, a train pillow. Don't tell him I told you... he wouldn't want anyone to tease him about sewing!

I AM HEARING: Brad and Tommie discussing something about NCIS.

AROUND THE HOUSE: The dog's sleeping in the recliner by Brad. Tommie is needle-pointing- like Little House on the Prairie, my nose is cold.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: emails from friends!

MY PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK: Groceries, Michigan History Class, Homeschool Co-op, Tommie's friend on Thursday, I hope to finish up our read-aloud...it's dragged on way, way too long... the book is, "Waiting for Anya." Church.

HERE'S A PICTURE THOUGHT I'M SHARING WITH YOU: I found two large containers of hot pink broken glass at the dollar store. I need white grout to start making a project with it.... a vase? a flower box? Stay tuned...


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

I love doing mosaics!

Lisa said...

I ADORE the color of that glass!

~Byn There said...

Are you stretching before and after your treadmill time my dear?
Calf stretch leaning on the wall-legs straight for upper calf, bend the knee to take it to the lower calf. Also do standing thigh stretch-grab your foot or ankle with your hand in back of you,don't pull too hard in because it will stress your knee but roll your pelvis forward to increase the stretch. And lastly a simple bend at the waist reaching for the floor, just hang and breath let the weight of your head do the work don't force and you'll feel a nice stretch up the back of your legs and possibly in your back.

Still waiting for your comments on my blog.....