February 18, 2009


I realize this may not be big news to you..but, it breaks my heart! Sympathy welcome! My most favorite pair of jeans...ripped out at the crotch! My Levi low rider, boot cuts... I purchased for $3. from Salvation Army have gone to the great beyond! The landfill to the south! Oh how I loved LOVED loved these! The perfect length. The perfect weight. I will miss you, laying on the laundry room floor...yearning to be washed and worn again! Will I ever find another to take your place? I can only hope. smile-wink-nod!


Lisa said...

You will! Even though it's sad to see them go, another $3 is not a huge investment in testing out each new pair to see if they'll be the new favorites! (I'm hoping my next new favorite pair will be at least a size smaller! yeah!)

Willow Academy said...

No! It can't be. You are too creative to toss them. Make a potholder or something. :)

Holly said...

I'm with Rhonda make something with them, a bag (and NO not one of those ones made from the butt of the jeans!) maybe a messenger bag... or start saving for a jean quilt lol!