February 15, 2009


How cheap can I be? Yesterday, found me whistling the Fiddler on the Roof (see my Twisted Education blog entry) and making super extra cheap household-good for-the-environment cleaners! I'm not sure the exact cost of the homemade cleaners...but I do know I forked out $2.37 for a big jug of Meijers brand white vinegar. The rest of the ingredients I already had. I had most of the containers, too....leftover jars and clean pop bottle! The spray bottles came from the dollar store. And, the floral and butterfly stickers came from the Dollar Tree, too. They're actually wall decals and adhere to the plastic and glass containers, like no body's business.
The recipes came from: HERE. I made: scouring paste, glass cleaner (which works wonderful!), furniture polish, all-purpose cleaner, 2 washing machine rinses, microwave cleaner and scouring powder. And, I still had a lot of ingredients left over. I didn't even open the second vinegar.

My coupon came for my free bottle of SUAVE SHAMPOO. I went to Wallyworld yesterday and picked the Tangerine scent.
On Valentine's night, I made pork chops, baked apples, squash and twice baked potatoes. Afterwards, I served a really horrible dessert that went straight into the garbage...it was Cranberry Upside Down Cake, taken from Cranberry Valentine picture book. We settled in and watched the video, I found at the .25 store: Second Hand Lions. IT IS EXCELLENT! Very excellent. A wonderful family movie...but it does have mild language. RENT IT. BORROW IT OR GET IT FROM YOUR LIBRARY and make a big bowl of buttery popcorn!

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Holly said...

I'll have to check that site out... I did ill the book clean house clean planet and it had lots of recipes too!