March 30, 2012

today, i taught a class for our homeschool group, called junkyard art.  this semester, the students, my assistants and myself, have been working on a performance of the mega-powerhouse- broadway phenomenon, STOMP. 

and so it is... that i thought the kids should bang up and abuse their own costumes.... using resources we already had.  or should i have typed have?  either way, you know what i mean.  please don't correct me on this, i am a hyper-sensitive, moody artist.  just smile and nod, okay?

the students brought in old blue jeans, rocks and twine... they filled their jeans with rocks and tied them closed.  see pictures above.  wink.  my assistants and i along with the teenagers, drove down pavement roads and gravel... giving new life to the word, distress.

the event wouldn't have been a success, if the kids (some are not pictured) didn't take a break on an old backroad,  check their  road-kill jeans and............  break out into a flash-mob type dance... with heavy blues music.. which incidently, had an even heavier, dancy type beat. 
i can only hope, that the students will have fond memories of this day. this day, i will remember forever.

the finished products were laid to rest on the gym floor.  waiting.  waiting a fortnight to be worn and performed in.
*take a moment to really study the picture above... there are tire tread marks on one pair, big chunks of material taken from others, and other evidence of abuse.
the beat goes on................
smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

I would have liked to have been in your class

jamie said...

Ha! I like it! It's very creative and looks like a blast. :-)

MICHELE said...

Thanks friends... it was.