August 09, 2011

suddenly, my 13 year old son has taken an interest in his appearance.  the clothes now, are important.  smothering his face with clearasol and sea breeze and checking every half hour to see if he has whiskers.  he's also into bench pressing and bmx biking and then there's this punching bag, he whacks around on the deck... (best $8. i ever spent on him! salvation army treasure.)

 oh, and, he found the youtube video for "our" abs, (see first pic)... he asked me to do this with him...  why? i'm clearly confused.  but, i happily accepted his invitation.  i hate exercising.  mostly, because there are a bazillion other things i could be doing!  but c'mon... it's six minutes well spent on my mid-life tummy and six minutes of quality time with my boy.  a 2 for 1, right?

smile, wink, nod. 


jamie said...

Aww, cute! I think that's very nice. :-)
I hate to exercise, too. Been trying to do P90X with my dh, but can't do the push ups or pull ups. Oh, well. lol

MICHELE said...

jamie... you're not alone. i could never, ever do the push up's or pull up's... and failed at climbing the rope in gym.