August 13, 2011

looking back over my week:

canned beets
processed dill pesto
bought organic lavender and parsley
received 2 dozen free ears of home-grown corn
received a free jumbo cantaloupe and yellow plums
watched, girl with the pearl earring (dark!)
meeting with homeschool moms
3 farmer's market's
bump and run at the fair with the boys
homeschool curriculum came in the mail
had a rhinestone feather installed in my hair
a trip to the mall and to the hollister store
thunderstorms as we speak
froze cabbage and onions
waiting to hear about the birth of our new puppy

hope you have a happy weekend!


jamie said...

Aww, a new puppy! I am glad for you-hope it's soon!

MICHELE said...

thanks jamie! we can't wait!

Anonymous said...

sexy boots ;)-- Janet M