August 16, 2011

bright and early this morning, i gathered the ingredients for canning herb jelly.  i decided on basil-dill.  i used the recipe from the can-can canning book, my mom gave me.  hence, no link for the recipe.  i did a quick google for you, and there are a million different links.  while searching, i did find this site, which looked fun and friendly:  prairieland herbs .
i'm in the middle of canning green beans... two jars blew up (cracked!).  it happens, right? 
tonight, we'll be dining on homegrown sweet corn!  bring on the butter!


jamie said...

I've never heard of herb jelly, but what a neat idea. :-) I am sorry about your green beans, though. I have had that happen when canning them before, also. Probably because of the higher pressure. Sounds like you are all ready for winter!

MICHELE said...

Jamie... I think the herb jelly will be really good on homemade bread... gluten free, of course! :)