August 15, 2011

since i've been spending so much time in the car, traveling to different street markets... i decided to climb our library steps, saunter down the audio book aisle and scan the shelves. i checked out four titles.   the first audio i listened to is this one, "the handmaid and the carpenter."  the story is fabulous! very, very sweet. when disc one ended, i excitedly popped the second disc into the player, chomping at the bit... i could hardly wait to continue.  and then it happened.  skip, skip, SKIP, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip!  what's a girl to do? well, i popped the third disc in, and enjoyed that one, just as much!  if you get a chance... borrow this from the library!  hopefully you'll have better luck with disc two, then i did.  wink. 

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