July 18, 2011

a friend of mine.. suddenly took on a new garden art hobby.... using bowling balls!  i put my request in for pink.  my favorite color.  thanks g.w.... the artwork resides under a bed of day lillies and weathered iris'.
since, i was snapping pics outside... i thought i'd share some of our gardens....  note:  we didn't plant ANYTHING in our gardens until the first week in june.  we are thrilled, at the progress the gardens made.
glory to God.

above... a couple of our raspberry patches.

check out the right side of this picture... about half way down... do you see the butterfly posing mid-air?  it's a monarch.  he is so photogenic, don't you think?

smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Very pretty! Your garden is looking really good. We planted late also. Finally starting to get some produce.

MICHELE said...

jamie... we had our first cucumber salad last night... is there anything better, then that first crunch? michele