July 16, 2011

since, working at street markets this summer, i've noticed a movement in trendy bikes.
i love this.
many bikes i see, are being repurposed.  i humbly admit... i tried to repurpose mine, by decoupaging it.  that was a nightmare.  it was so awful... that i quickly pulled the paper off and scrubbed the bike clean.  not to mention... it took forever to cover.  okay, where am i going with this?  back to my post....
i love the homemade color... vintage pink of the bike above.  do you?

and this one, is seriously brilliant!  i had to ask... it is from Thailand or was it Taiwan?  anyway... how perfect.  holds everything... even a spot for a baby car seat... that you can actually look down and see your sweetie-pie, facing you!  i would of loved this!  so much storage space, too! 

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1 comment:

jamie said...

Really love that blue color, with the turquoise handlebars. It looks very practical, too! :-)