July 19, 2011

unintentional clear glass jar obsession!

this summer... i've been picking up clear bottles and jars at yard sales and thrift shops.  i haven't done it on purpose.  normally, my eyes only see pink and green and the occasional pale yellow.  but, hot-diggity dog, there's some cute clear jars to be rescued, reclaimed and most importantly, recycled.

 what's inside them?  from left to right:

-simple wild carrot, plucked from the field in a hot chocolate bottle.

-a mixture of homey spices:  cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and all spice.  i picked up a dozen or so cans of used spices at a yard sale... then, came home and mixed them all together... capped them in the jar and will use for a cozy kitchen smell, this fall and winter.  (i'll just boil a tablespoon or so, w/ a little water on top of our stove and let the aroma linger.) 

- just a big, old jar with plastic wrap and holes poked in it.  it's home to a monarch chrysalis... who is just days away from busting out of his cocoon.

- two bottles of homemade oregano vinegar and one bottle of basil vinegar.

-a glass teddy bear jar with another field-plucked wild carrot.

have you been thrifting, lately?  what treasures have you found?

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Karin said...

Love your ideas...
here are a few more from the
Home Made Simple web site that I spotted this evening.