June 15, 2011

thumb's up for local farmers!

this week finds me on the road, attending different farmer market's in the upscale county, due south of us.  oh! how i've missed the farmer's market life.  there's just something about farmer's and the depth they have.  i love their rough-calloused hands, embedded with soil, their farmer's tans    i love their work boots.  i love their stories. and, their work ethics.  
i'm not a fan of NPR radio.. but i do agree with one story that i heard... that farmer's are the smartest people in the world.  why?  because most are self-educated in:

farm accounting
and more, i'm sure.

 if you have the choice, buy from your local farmer or farmer's market.  strike up a good conversation and notice their hard-working hands.

i appreciate all they do.
smile, wink, nod.

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Sue Smith said...

I second your thumbs up to farmers! My Grandpa and Great Uncle were farmers! We try to purchase from local farmers markets and farm stands as much as we can!