June 17, 2011

i've been picking up old tin's like these, at yard sales and thrift shops...  had tommie drill a few holes in the bottom... then i filled them with rich soil. 
inhabiting the tins.... basil and oregano.
they've been traveling with me, to different farmer's markets.
the customer's are flipping over them!
$10 and lower, depending on the size.
i keep my herb tin, next to our grill... and when i'm bbq-ing... i toss a few petals in..for good measure and good smell!

this week found me at five different markets.  i am beginning to feel like a circus traveler.  not that that's a bad thing... i am truly loving the gypsy life.  wink.

this week at the markets, i bartered: asparagus and strawberries.

so, what about anthony wiener resigning?
maybe he should change his last name, while he's at it.


jamie said...

That is pretty, the herbs in the tins. It would appeal to me if I saw them. Wishing you success!

Lisa said...

Those are cute! I'll keep my eyes open for ya. Trying to get back to regular commenting.

Wee Pip said...

hard to believe crackers used to come in tins:) lol! They look adorable as planters; great idea!

Erica said...

Cute! They look adorable as planters.

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