April 12, 2011

how to be 76.

meet my aunt joyce. 
today, she turns a young 76.
she's been a sensational example on how to live life with titanical zest!
she has never let any grass grow under her feet.... this is just a little of what an inspiration she is:  zip-lined through the rain forest, international tango dancer, stock market guru, world traveler, successful wife, mother and grandmother, antique expert, family scrabble-champ, girl scout leader, ballroom dancer, tennis player, bowling with perfectly manicured nails, tj maxx fashionista, wonderful aunt and sister, always on top of daily current events, avid reader, and always game for everything.  she has time to listen to others and see both sides to everything.  today, she jumped up and down (literally!), because she received a kindle for her birthday.  she drives a pt cruiser, with mardi gras beads hanging from the mirror...
and i can't sign off of here, without out telling you how adorable she looks in her low-rise boot-cut jeans... blinged up jewelry and sparkly belts!  tulip-colored lipstick, too.

god-willing, i will be just like her when i'm 76.  what an example.

love you to pieces, aunt joyce!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent- true story on my sister, what a life she has lived, enjoyed every moment, God has been soooooooooooooooooo good. She is the example of how we should all live our lifes, Just so full, and you didn't mention the wonderful kids she raised on top of all this. middle sister Janet Mae