April 14, 2011

where have you been all my life?
netflix delivered this dvd, the other day. i'm over-the-moon about england...the countryside, the cottages and the horticulture..within 30 seconds into the first scene i was hooked.
here ya go... click here for an overview of the movie:  rosemary and thyme!

other things i squeezed in..
homeschooled, made gluten-free artisan bread--enough for four loaves, sewed 8 pair of wool mittens, and dodged and ducked out of the way of my migraine. 

now... how about heading over to netflix and renting yourself the dvd i mentioned.
(thanks to my pal rhonda for suggesting it!)


Sallie Dee said...

Hi Mich~
I am so excited to watch this! Thanks so much for the suggestion! Sal

Lynn said...

Oh, Michele, we LOVE Rosemary and Thyme! Michaela and I own the entire boxed set--every episode. Actually, I think you might be Rosemary Boxer!! LOL.