April 11, 2011


hip, hip horray!
it's bike riding time in michigan.
my bike, is no where as spunky as this one... not yet, anyway!
and what, with the price of gas just pennies under $4. a gallon.... locals may just see me peddling around town in something like this.
i mean, just because we're in hard times... it doesn't mean we can't have fun with it, right?
i'm pushing aside, atlas shrugged and have my nose buried in mr. darcy and me.... and also the maker's diet. 
today, netflix delivered 3 volumes of rosemary and thyme-- suggested by my friend rhonda.
lasagne filled the crockpot, today. 
i spotted 2 coyotes, today.  first time i've ever seen one, in real life. they're pretty creepy.


Oney said...

Love the bike!!! I can see you tooling around on it. Don't forget a horn!!

jamie said...

The bike looks fun!
Coyotes are kinda creepy. They sort of fascinate me, though. Our dogs go crazy whenever they hear them.