March 15, 2011

recycled mittens

last weekend, i enjoyed a slumber party at mom's, with my aunts, mom and cousin. 
we had a big-time blast making these wool mittens.  they're recycled out of old wool sweaters and fleece. 

we had baked spaghetti, ratatolli, salad and fresh bakery rolls.  red wine, too!

this is me and my big cousin.  if i've said it once, i'll say it again... she has been voted one of ten top ob/gyns in metro-detroit. (proud, my family is!) she is also a breast cancer survivor... do those self-exams girls!  she did, and saved her life at age 35!  she knitted those gorgeous socks she has on, too!  one more little bit of brag on her.... her creative-mind-blowing son, is attending his 2nd year at NYU film school.  i'm sure someday i will be walking the red carpet with him.  he promised me.

so blessed i am, to have such a good, good family and great friends.  no one is as lucky as me.  wink and nod.

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