March 13, 2011

catching my breath at the mansion, last night. 
just had too much fun this weekend!
girls slumber party with my mom, aunts and cousin (pics coming soon!)  a sewing marathon, several games of scrabble (i lost them all!), too much really great food, belly-laughing until our tummies hurt, staying up well into the next day... and feeling blessed to be among such magnificent, energetic and amazingly creative women!
exhaling briefly, i turned around, with a 1-hour window, and dressed, drove and worked at the mansion.  celebrated with a mardi gras murder mystery.  first time for me... i've never celebrated mardi gras in my life.  have you?
this morning, rise and shine and worked at the flea market.  i've never known tired, as i've felt today.  just a really good tired, is all. 
 smile, wink, nod. 

p.s.  i finished, "the beach house," by jane green.  the last quarter of the book was well done.  still though... i'm smitten with historical fiction.  next up.... atlas shrugged. 


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Sounds like a fun time all around! How fun to have a slumber party with your mom, aunts and cousins!!!

jamie said...

That is wonderful to have good times together like that! Glad the dinner mystery went well. Hope you are having a good start to your week. :-)