March 17, 2011

just a beautiful day, today in michigan.
replaced my snow boots, with wellingtons and took a little-bitty spring walk, around the yard.

why look down...

it's my rhubarb plant
saying, "happy spring," to me!
watching rhubarb grow... is indeed, pretty special.  no, seriously... it is!

looks like someone was hungry... and kept the food chain rolling...

i almost stepped on this rabbit foot.
i'm guessing a hawk dropped it.


Anonymous said...

wellingtons!! jealous! I love them- classy and practical- happy spring to you :)- Janet m

mrsamellinc said...

Hey Michelle,
At Macey's they have socks for Wellie's. They were neat! I couldn't find a price tag and was in a hurry. I'm going to splurge on a bright pair of striped or polka-dotted Wellie's from TSC (since the Wellies at Macey's were out of my $$range) and then may treat myself to a pair of socks. :)

Anet said...

It sure was beautiful out the last few days... spotted 3 robins here in Mid-Michigan,always a good sign!

Awesome boots:)

jamie said...

I love your dress! What kinds of things do you make with your rhubarb? That is my very favorite kind of pie! Happy Sunday