January 31, 2011

my life line, my friend, my everything is in the hospital.  the computer shop.  de -bugging a bug.  i should be picking it up wednesday.  exhale.  oh how i didn't realize how dependent i am on that old friend! currently, i'm using my son tommie's laptop...  but it's just not the same.  

i'm hoping for the big, big snowstorm tomorrow night!  cozy couch, a good movie and comfort food!


jamie said...

I'm so sorry, Michele. Sending you prayers and ((hugs)) I hope all is well soon.

jamie said...

Oh, sorry! I feel so silly. LOL I just re-read that and realized you meant your computer. Anyway...hope you get it back soon!

Anonymous said...

ugh computer problems! Last month my computer had a big ole bug and I was without it for 10 days ( had to use parental puter)-- 100 bucks later it works great :0- Janet M