January 27, 2011

i did it.
i made a pair of recycled wool leg warmers.
love, love, love making them.
seriously, took me under 10 minutes from start to finish.

thursday thirteen:
made the BEST gluten-free banana bread!  yipeee... finally something GF made from scratch and yummy, too!
tommie's at future farmer's of america, practicing for parlment procedures... he's treasurer.
enjoyed watching a documentary via netflix, abigale adams.
can't believe charlie sheen is in the hospital again.  okay, i guess i'm not surprised.
can't belive kate hudson is pregnant.  okay, i guess i can.
homeschooling centered around mark zuckerman, man of the year, according to time magazine... facebook founder.
took lucy the dog to the vet.  she has a bladder infection.
finished making our "family page" for homeschool co-op yearbook.
listed bunches on ebay, tonight.  free listing fees, gotta take advantage of that!
declined lunch out today, with farmer's market manager... had way too much homeschooling to catch up on.
filled out class proposal for homeschool co-op, today.  i'm submitting a class called, "junkyard art."  should be an utter blast!
have two flea markets, back to back this weekend.  i'll be living out of the car.  sure wish i had the vintage trailer on my sidebar!
thinking about decorating for valentine's day, tomorrow.  valentine's day is such a cheerful holiday!

happy, happy thursday night.


Anonymous said...

I love Valentine's Day too. Last year, I threw a Taco Potluck. Feel better soon Lucy! - Janet M

Laura Irrgang said...

Hey there-
I've never been here before...fun!

I like the legwarmers. I get pretty excited about any near-instant-gratification project involving a recycled sweater.

Have you ever seen any of the upcycled sweater coats by Katwise? Give them a Google---I think you'll be happy you did! My inner want monster craves one, but they're out of my price range. Which might just motivate me to buy a serger and make one myself. But wait---I could buy a sweatercoat for the cost of a serger. But---with a serger, I could make more stuff. Out of sweaters.

I look forward to stalking you in the future!