February 03, 2011

well, here i sit... not on my computer, but my son's.  waiting for my beloved toshiba computer to be released from the hospital. i can't wait to get that baby home, i have so many cool pictures to download and share. 
so about the snow.  we did get around 10 inches.  but, for some reason, it seemed uneventful.  if i've said it once, i'll say it again.... i wish it was snowman building snow.
my boys spent the good part of the day digging us, our neighbors and our tenants out.  i had high hopes of doing this, that and the other.  i ended up taking a good long nap...only to wake up and feel even groggier. i should of never taken a nap in the first place!
i'm noticing i'm complaining a lot here, today.  bare with me.
my boy just challenged me to a game of scrabble... i must say good-bye for now and play.


jamie said...

Ooh, so who won at Scrabble? I love that game! My husband discovered Scrabble cheat online. He told me after he won. lol
Glad you got some snow. Sounds like there may be more to come! I am not at all sad that the last storm missed us. Wishful thinking that the next one will, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

wellll jamie... it was a close scrabble game... but i won. did you know "zi" is a word? sure is.
throwing a snowball at ya! your pal, mich.