September 28, 2010

canned chicken soup.
sandhill cranes are back.
three of them.
with red sunglasses.
will take snaps soon.
pressure-canned chili.
three didn't seal.
had a birthday.
my 47th.
i feel better now
then when i was 40.
i'm looking forward to buying a new pair of
black fashion boots... knee high and flat.
can't do heels anymore.
i look like a sandhill crane.
gluten-free pizza, tonight.
it was a hit.
will be spending a few afternoons
at markets this week.
homeschooling in the morning.
frost expected this weekend.
must cut the basil, pick tomatoes,
eggplant, spinach and celery.
let's face it... jennifer grey is
going to win dancing with the stars.
how can she not?
need to google her cancer.
growing a parsnip.
see snap below.
my nose is cold.
it's rainy and damp.
and i am enjoying a heavenly body lotion
i received for my 47th...
bath and body works
"dark kiss."
sort of smells like bonnie bell's
grape lip gloss i wore in 7th grade.
smile, wink, nod.

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