October 04, 2010

i haven't done a log book lately... i'm being a
copycat and using my pal lisa's....
here we go!

outside: sunny and crisp!

sounds: fox news. i'm a fox news junky.

home: tommie's reading (his required reading for homeschool), brad's fixing our garage door, the dog's sleeping under a blanket, and i'm in between making dinner and getting projects together for 4H tonight.

projects: fixing up a part of my basement as a craft and supply studio, making more pesto and wrapping green tomatoes in newspaper.

pondering: my class lessons i need to prepare for, for our homeschool co-op class. i'm teaching, two.

teaching: wild mustangs dvd and suggested activities like writing a paper using notes from the dvd, canning spaghetti sauce, king george and the revolutionary war, mechanical science, agricultural science, teaching textbooks math, and umm... does ice road truckers count?

gratitude: grateful for a big, bountiful garden!

recipes: still scouting out gluten-free trial and error recipes... and also made baked purple cauliflower. need to freeze peppers and ratatouille, freeze spinach, dry rosemary, basil and oregano.

duds: thin corduroys, loose top and maryjane's, hair in headband and wearing my new lip gloss. no, not bonne belle.

reads: shakespere's daughter (i found it in the teenager section of our library)

videos: nothing. not a thing. although, i did buy, "the talented mr. ripley," at a garage sale for .25 and would like to watch that with a big bowl of salty popcorn!

hopes: that i'm not getting a sore throat. and, that i can get my flu shot, tomorrow.

love: pesto chicken, pine nuts, deep sleep, entertainment tonight, my new headbands, garnier mousse.

plans: tommie's working at a local agricultural event tomorrow, i'll drink two cups of coffee and run a bazillion errands and hopefully clean closets, wednesday and thursday: farmer's markets, homeschool co-op on friday, helping my neighbor with his garage sale saturday and setting up at a local flea market on sunday.

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