August 24, 2010

let's catch up.....
canning beets.
i've never done it, before today.
hot diggity dog... is it ever easy!
and the smell of the brine....
cinnamon sticks, vinegar and allspice simmering away...
well, let's just say the little house smelled ultra-cozy!
i also wrapped up a very sweet novel, water for elephants.
unlike anything i've ever read.
now, my nose is buried in the historical fiction, "the dress lodger," by sheri holman. there's just something about historical england, i'm drawn to.
oh, and get this... in church sunday, one of our praise and worship songs was, "how sweet it is to be loved by you." the band played just like they were members of james taylor's band... and the congregation sang, loved it and wore smiles!
we started our back to homeschool lessons, yesterday. click here, if you'd like to read about it.
my little family of three, has been introduced to the gluten-free lifestyle. it's not by choice. it's for health reasons. more on that, in tomorrow's post.

smile, wink, nod.


jamie. said...

Oh, I bet it did smell great! All your canned goods must look so pretty with all the different colors. You will be set for the winter.
The book looks like a fun read...mmm, nothing like having a good book to relax with on a summer/fallish day. Happy Thursday, my friend! :)

MICHELE said...

thanks jamie... i did have a pleasnt thursday-- hope you did, too.

Lisa said...

I'm reading, Mich, but I don't often take time to comment anymore. I apologize for that.

I'll have to look for that book - Like WAter for Elephants. And I have a recommendation for you - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - almost completely told in letters, it's the story of an author just after WW2 who discovers new friends on the island of Guernsey in the English Channel. Very sweet read!

Anonymous said...

oh boy, pickled ex husband used to cook those up every year and I would give them away :) - Janet Mell