August 26, 2010

come along with me... to one of the farmer's markets i set up at, this week....
i'll show you lots of very cool, indian summer junk, that i'm selling or sold.
first though, check out the beans i hung around the canvas of my tent...
big, long purple beans.... they were a funky hit!

this morning, in my pajama's and wellington's...
i slopped out to my gardens to pick bouquets to take to the market.
each arrangement had basil, rosemary or celery stuck in them.
the customers were pleased to have a little herbal bonus in their bouquets!

i threw together and tied big, bunches of sweet annie.. and instructions on how to make a wreath. i thought it was a great idea. but nobody eles did. not the best seller. sure won't be putting that kind of effort into selling sweet annie, again.

funky junk yarn, was appreciated.
it really is beautiful in real life!
$3. each or 2 for $5.
good deal!

can you see my banner? its a mermaid.
i had it made last week.
saved money by painting it myself.
gotta watch those pennies, ya know.

did you get a free eggplant?
you get one free with any purchase at my little booth!
smile, wink, nod


Mitzi Curi said...

I think the bunches of sweet Annie with directions for a wreath is a great idea! I love sweet Annie....I also love your mermaid, and free eggplant!
Enjoy your weekend,

Anonymous said...

loveeeeeeeeeeed your booth. The beans had to be great hit. I would look forward to your booth each week. How clever you are.

Anonymous said...

I have to catch up on your blog! And I would of made a wreath out of your Sweet Annie, :)- Janet Mell

ps. digging the mermaid sign