August 22, 2010

sometimes, i think i'm part squirrel.
i love stashing away necessities for winter.
yesterday morning, i scampered out, to capitalize on the deals!
i shuffled through krogers and
loaded my cart with 20 bottles of purex laundry soap. $2. each.
my next stop was meijers. cottonelle toilet paper....
6-pack's for $1.50 each, w/ coupon. plus, i stocked up on kleenex (big boxes) for $1. each.. i didn't realize they were so cheap, until i waltzed through the back to school section. where, i also loaded up on glue stix and elmer's glue (works swell for mod-podge projects, new sharp scissors and bic pencils...
today, after church, this little squirrel will be canning homemade bean soup. my beans have soaked over night, the pressure canner is waiting, and i'm looking forward to my second cup of coffee.
how about you?
do you stockpile?
what are your favorite things to stash away?
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Wow, you did great! I've never thought about canning beans. That is a good idea. I definitely stockpile. I can a lot during the summer. Usually shop for groceries every four to six weeks and really stock up then on food, too. I also stock up on yarn. Although I'm not sure if that's really a good thing or not. It might be more of an obsession. lol
Have a lovely week!

Lynn said...

Oh, Michele, I need to be out doing that! I loved catching up on your blog. You are so inspiring. You make me want to can and put things up and make things pretty. Hugs to you! Lynn

Anonymous said...

wow great job with the stockpile. I dig Cottonelle and those little grooves- janet mell