July 17, 2010

at the mansion

today, i had a show on the mansion lawn.
if you're not familiar with the mansion, you can read more about it here.
with the hot salsa heat, tank tops were selling like sizzling popcorn!

this is how my booth looked... definitely a chick booth.
vintage hankies and embroidered table runners were big sellers.
books were not. cookbooks were not. neither were
my bedazzling collection of fairy books.
guess, this wasn't the book reading crowd?
i took this close-up, so you could see the top of my tent.
i threw a crocheted tablecloth over top of it
and tied tacky pink flowers to it. the larger furniture items i brought
sold first thing: a piano stool,
a white wicker plant stand and a vintage baby crib.

i hand-picked my booth's location.
under a mulberry tree.
i strung a couple of clothes lines and displayed clothing on them.
the people really enjoyed sauntering in and out of the clothes.
this is one of the aisles, looking down into the tent.
i have a really special announcement to make in a week or so.
i'll be participating in something i've never done before.
never ever considered it.
it's nothing to do with shows or markets.
it has me really pumped and on the edge of my seat.
stay tuned... this is a good one!


jamie said...

That is so cool...love how you have it set up under the tree. Can't wait to hear your news! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks jamie... i appreciate your kind compliment!

Mitzi Curi said...

Hey Michele, I love your booth! I'm sure your customers had a lot of fun walking between the clothes. I like the top of the tent too....never let any space go undecorated!