June 12, 2010

this is where i spent the past two days!
under my shabby chic awning.
on the lawn of the mansion.
(note: the historical mansion is in the background)
selling books, trendy clothing, jewelry, garden eye candy and other vintage items!

i'm thinking of putting a huge ecru colored, crocheted tablecloth over the top of this awning, for my next outdoor event. which is tuesday. a farmers market in the next county south.

outside of the humidity, it was a lovely way to spend my two days.
between customers,
i flipped off my flip-flops,
and read more of john steinbeck's, "east of eden."
and drank cold water.
and networked with the cute little owner of the estate!
i'll be doing the whole thing again, right here next month.

smile, wink, nod.


The Smith Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

thank you for finding me!! so glad you like my work :)
I want a vintage camper too!!!
some day :)