July 16, 2010

just popping in to say hello!
my friend, it's been a whirlwind week.
all good, of course.

thursday at the farmer's market show.... the vendor next to me, was picked up by whole foods. how cool is that? you can just imagine how exciting it was to have a big shot from whole foods, walk through our market and make a deal. especially here in michigan. and how wonderful.... whole foods is on a talent search for small mom and pop type, michigan farmers and made in michigan products.

today, my mom and i headed to trendy royal oak, michigan. i forgot my camera, wouldn't you know? we had thai food and for me it was the first time. i played it safe and ordered a vegetable dish with rice and low-level spice. i loved it.

of course, we didn't buy anything in this upscale, super trendy neighborhood. sort of like mini soho. but we did have lots of giggles. and imagine this... we saw a guy (yeah, a guy), dressed in a blue jean above the knee skirt! i didn't want to stare, but i did. it sached' when he walked. i'm sure his dad must be mighty proud of his son (yeah, his son), wearing a skirt. i'm all about creative thinking, but this look was pretty raw. we stopped and had a coldstone ice cream. i made my mom treat us. i carried my orange purse. and, proudly! as per mitzi's suggestion on my previous blog post.

i'm up way past my bed time... and must say good-night for now. i have a big show at the mansion tomorrow (same place i went in june). i am just so geeked about going....i'm sure i'll have a hard time winding down tonight.

i'll be back soon....

smile, wink, nod.

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