June 04, 2010

i haven't done a "friday fill-in," in a long time. so, thought i'd play! my answers are in light grey. feel free to play along-- grab my picture above and copy the fill-ins! let's go!

1. deep inside a historical fiction is my favorite place to travel to.

2. when i think back on my childhood, i often remember really good and really funny parents, long summer days, girl scouts, the smell of new barbie dolls, sunday's at my grandparents farm, and the happiest childhood anyone ever had!

3. people who have depth, makes for a good friend.

4. the wind in the trees, the rain on my skin, the humidity making my hair curl like shirley temple's.

5. my future is so exciting!

6. my best friend knows how to can, garden and homestead like no body's business!

7. and as for the weekend, tonight i'm looking forward to, rug-hooking, shower and nestling down with a book in bed, tomorrow my plans include, garage sailing with my mom, and sunday i want to go to church, take a big, long bike ride and organize homeschool lessons.

1 comment:

The Smith Family said...

I played along :)
Love the picture, thanks for letting me use it.
Have a good weekend!