June 03, 2010

thanks to tasha tudor, i've decided to fling off my flip-flops and enjoy gardening in bare feet.
there is no greater joy then sinking your feet into soft, rich soil!
see? that's me above.... looking through my big patch of dill... in search of swallowtail eggs. i've spotted both black and yellow butterflies flitting around the patch!
each year, this dill patch is home to lots of swallowtail larvae. i'm hoping this year is no exception.

is there anything more beautiful then peonies?
the layers of pink petals are luscious!

here i am, modeling my retro apron. it has to be from the 1970's. it's pretty pathetic in real life. it's bullet-proof polyester. unprofessionally homemade. the color is ridiculous. the lace is about as tacky as it gets. and i can't help smiling when i tie it on and wondering who wore it? i feel like carol brady. (brady bunch). smile, wink, nod.


Ceamz said...

in the garden with a new pedicure?
are you nuts? : ) you will just need to go get pampered again.
But there is nothing like cool dirt on your feet.

jamie said...

LOL I like it. And the peonies, oh my goodness, gorgeous! Going barefoot is the best. Although, it would be just like me to come across a snake *shudder*. Just gotta do it anyway. :)

MICHELE said...

Yes Ceamz-- I am a little nuts. Pretty toenails doesn't keep me out of the garden... and I would hate to step on a snake... I'm sure you'd all hear me scream!

Your Pal, Michele

Mitzi Curi said...

You have a beautiful Michigan garden, Michele! I am enjoying my peonies this week too. Glad to see you are wearing traditional garden garb too!