June 05, 2010

vintage treasures at a lakewide sale!

this morning, my mom and i and my bambino, went to a lake-wide garage sale!
i was thrilled when i found these very vintage wooden folding chairs for a dollar each.
love the color paint. and they're actually comfortable.

i just couldn't say no to this lonely red and white vintage glass.
she was a quarter. she screamed, "take me home and drink cold lemonade from me this summer!" she's in the dishwasher now.

i did a cheerleader high kick when i found this vintage high chair (folds down into a toddler table, too.) for just $4. i plan to sell it at one of my upcoming shows, as a plant stand or
to use as a display piece.

i've never, ever seen davey crockett material before. not to mention made into child-sized pillowcases! these are just so scrumptious. i'm thinking they're from the 1960's... something my husband would of used as a kid. i would love to make them into cloth napkins and use them when we have chili. or spaghetti! price? .50 each.

so, how about you.... have you found any odd things while out sailing?


Lisa said...

I love how you see the "treasure" in everything! I didn't go garage saling this week. Missed out! But now there are co-op classes in the works. lol

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Love your finds! If we were treasure seeking together, we WOULD probably have to arm wrestle for a few things-lol!


jamie said...

Fabulous finds! And I love your ideas. I think that the high chair will make a very charming plant stand.