May 12, 2010

perhaps one wouldn't consider waylon jennings and jessi colter the worlds greatest poets. but i have a different opinion. one of my favorite songs of all time-ever is.. a duet they sing titled, "storms never last." i've downloaded it (and other favorite songs of mine) on this blog... so be sure your volume is turned way up! if you haven't heard of this song... scroll way on down on my sidebar and click on the song to play.

today, for a homeschool lesson... i had my son copy the words to this profound song, right here on my blog. and we discussed it's meaning in depth. and, how we should look at life. and, how we shouldn't wallow around in self-pity. and how liberating it is to be self-responsible. solve our own storms and move on. and always... always be the sunshine in someone's life.

while difficult as this is for a hormonal tweenager to absorb... i'm planting the seeds. and that's more then i can say for government run educational institutions.

read on... i think you'll like this, too!

Storms never last do they baby?
Bad times all pass with the wind
Your hand in mine stills the thunder-

And you make the sun want to shine
You followed me down so many roads baby
I've picked wild flowers and sung you soft sad songs

and every road we took God knows our search was for the truth
and the clouds brewing now won't be the last.

Storm's never last do they baby
bad times all pass with the wind
your hand in mine stills the thunder
and you make the sun want to shine.

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jamie said...

Thanks for sharing your music...very uplifting! What a Wonderful World always makes me smile-such a great song. Happy Friday!