May 14, 2010

after my quick annual mammogram this morning... i stopped at a few garage sales and a nice church sale. what is it about church sales that make you feel so cozy? is it the elderly ladies working? the idea that your money is going to a wonderful cause? the fact that it's all under one roof? i think it's all of these!
i found this really old, vintage baby bassinet at a yard sale. at first i thought it would make a pretty terrific planter for the yard. then i thought... no-- i'd use it for displays at my flea markets. i bought it for $2. and it's collapsible.

i also scooped up a handful of vintage embroidered hand towels. .50 cents each. and the table cloth below for $2. all hand-stitched embroidery and very old!

i kind of felt bittersweet when i went to purchase these. sad because the family who was selling these... made fun of them. "we laughed at these-- we weren't even going to put them out! who'd want them?" giggled the family member. well... there's no giggling here. i will enjoy them and appreciate them... as if my own grandmother stitched them.
smile, wink, nod.

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Mitzi Curi said...

Michele, I can't believe what some people consider "junk", like something lovingly handmade. So many wonderful things are tossed out of grandma's house by clueless family members who have no sense of taste or style! They replace a 1920's home's original light fixtures with some crap from Home Depot....ugh! Your bassinet is a good find. I sold one like it a while back for $35.00. They are very useful for holding/displaying pillows, linens, and other textiles. I love your other finds too. Yay for church sales! I got a lot done this weekend in the nice weather. I hope it keeps up!