May 10, 2010

at my party on friday... my family and i made a quick wind chime craft. the idea came from my creative friend cassey. i've collected different shaped, clear glass bottles and jars. they need to have a ridge or lip around the top. we used very easy to work with, welding wire. wrapped one strand around the opening/ridge of the bottle. then cut another piece of wire for the handle. we opted to string beads on them. to give them a little extra boost! all that's left, is to fill them with colored water and hang them in a grouping on your favorite tree...when the wind blows, they should make a serene chiming noise! the jars are easy to find! especially now that it's garage sale time in michigan... i used baby food jars, jelly jars and bacon bit jars. smile, wink, nod.

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jamie said...

What a cool idea! Wind chimes are so soothing to listen to.