May 19, 2010

enchanted forest part 4

me and my mom... taking a break under a beautiful old tree.
we are so lucky to have her husband tom.... my second dad in our lives.
if it wasn't for him.... we would not have such a memorable day....
come to think of it... he's given our family many happy days!

count them! 21.
21 morel's. they were so difficult to find at first.
but... look out... when we did... we found the jackpot!

last night, i fried them up for my neighbor... my favorite elderly neighbor who had never tried
them. i sauteed' the mushrooms in olive oil, salt and pepper and fresh garlic and fresh scallions. i mixed fresh asparagus in, too! he gave the recipe a thumbs up.
our family didn't try this dish. but, it sure did smell good!
smile, wink, nod!


The Smith Family said...

I have enjoyed reading your "enchanted forest" posts.
Thank you for taking us on the adventure with you :)

Wee Pip said...

Love the enchanted forest! The librarian from my library ordered some books for me on "Fairy Houses" - reminds me of that. People take sticks, flowers, stones, etc. and make cute lil houses in the woods for fairies:) You found a lot of morels!

Mitzi Curi said...

Your "Enchanted Forest" posts have been fascinating! As an adult, I haven't been out mucking around in a pond, but I used to love exploring when I was a kid. The pic of you and your mom is lovely. And, those morels are fabulous! I remember finding some in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, and my mom fried them up in some butter. Delicious!