May 18, 2010

the ENchaNTed Forest part 3

let's stop a moment and look around... i'd sure like to find a salamander under here. did you know i found two-- a few years ago and they got loose in my house.. and i never did find them! and.... my-oh-my there's a ton of these wild geraniums blanketing the forest floor! note to self: research background and use of them when i get home.

wait now... let me bend over-- i hope my hat doesn't tumble off-- sure glad i wore my wellingtons and skirt for this outing. i feel like tasha tudor. let me pull back this wild geranium and see what's underneath!

can you see what's hiding in there? besides a bit of poison ivy.. which thankfully, i'm not allergic to.... come on now.. looks close!

ta-da! a morel mushroom! if there's one... there has to be more! truth is... my husband found the first one! we don't even like morel mushrooms. but my mom and my dad #2 do! and, of course my favorite next door neighbor. so... why not pick some for them? around this neck of the woods... they sell for $15. for a half pound.
more enchanted forest adventures tomorrow... in the meantime, here's a really nice link for:

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jamie said...

You look so cute in your hat and wellies. :) What a gorgeous green! I used to love salamanders when I was a little girl. Hid them under my bed once and forgot about them. My mother was not pleased. lol
Have a fabulous rest of the week!