May 17, 2010

enchanted forest part 2

come on along with me... into my second dad's enchanted forest!

(not pictured but close by: my mom, my husband, son and dad #2)

well look here... mayapples! they're one of my favorite springtime plants! did you know they're also called: wild lemon, raccoon berry and love apple? and to think the indians used this plant as a laxative? here's a link to more interesting facts: mayapples!

do you hear that? that's my boy tommie calling for us! he found a real treasure... i can tell by his voice~ he found not one treasure... but a pile of treasures! someone, from long ago must of used this secret spot as a disposal area. i wonder who it was? it sure is a good thing we brought along lots of plastic bags.... let's stuff them full of .....

old bottles in cobalt blue, milk glass, clear and brown! and this sweet little tea pot!
today, part of homeschool lessons, was researching the bottles... the cobalt blue on the far right is a noxema jar from the 30's. the one in front of it is a milk glass jar--stamped woodbury... after researching it.. we learned it was for powder based foundation make-up... from the 40's. front row center... is from scuffy shoe polish for kids. date unknown. we also found the sweetest little listerine bottle and vicks bottle and still smelled like camphor. we were actually able to go on-line and find magazine ads with the actual jars featured in it! you can't tell by the picture, but we found a cobalt blue powder bottle from the 30's.

so, what do you think of our enchanted forest hike, so far? aren't you glad you have your wellington's on? me, too. how about if we head over there... east... and see what awaits us!
for more good forest fun... tune in tomorrow!

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laurie -magpie ethel said...

Love that the homework was to research the bottles - good follow-up to some fun finds!