May 16, 2010

today was a day that i've been anticipating for most of spring!
a wild-flower, bird-watching, tree-identifying, morale mushroom hunting, hike through my second dad's forest! it was all part of our delayed mother's day plan for my mom. followed by a lovely dinner at an area restaurant. mom and i had lobster stuffed w/ tilipia. very excellent.
over the next few days... i'll be sharing some of the amazing treasures we (mom, 2nd dad, brad and tommie and me) discovered in this deep, dark forest!
pull on your wellingtons, grab a hat and come along with us.... i promise... you'll have a blast!
p.s. during dinner the other night... we had an eagle flying above our field. this is very rare in our neck of the woods. this beauty has been hovering around for the past four days... according to our neighbors.
just spectacular!

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Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Sounds like fun! My parents live in the U.P., and there are eagles that fly over their lake and it is quite a sight! :)