May 20, 2010

the enchanted forest finale.

well today marks the final day of our enchanted forest adventure!
before we ended... we of course had to do a little pond dipping.
one of my favorite hobbies in the spring! we scooped up a bazillion tadpoles (see pic).
they now reside in our pond!

my baby boy likes to dip, too!

there were thousands of bullfrog tadpoles-- darting around while we dipped!
(and, i'm not using this phrase as a hyperbole.)
they too, reside in our little pond!

special shout out of thanks to tom a.k.a. dad number 2.... for letting us tromp around in his forest and pond. and giving us a many good memories!
smile, wink, nod!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

I love tadpoles. We were once out camping and there was a whole pond of them. We would sit on a log that went out into the pond and let the tadpoles nibble at our toes. Hundreds of them and the sweetest little tickle to your foot!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Loved following your enchanted forest adventure! Your son is lucky to be able to have such fun adventures!
What do morel mushrooms taste like?

Lisa said...

Reading everything, even when I don't comment. Have been drained dry most days-not even enough energy to summon a "WTG mich!". Loved seeing about your forest adventure. I used to do all that when I was a kid - morels, salamanders, stink cabbage, etc.... I wish my kids had the opportunity to ramble like I did.