April 30, 2010

networking. it's what we do now in michigan.
yesterday, while garage sailing.. i overheard a lady complain that she was starting a new antique business in an old barn and couldn't find help... she was pretty livid... in her words, "teenagers nowadays don't want to work." my ears perked up and without thinking, i bellowed... "my son would love a job!" long story short, we exchanged phone numbers and she offered my son a job on the spot. starting today. making $8. an hour. hauling furniture and lumber and cleaning out the barn below. what sealed the deal was the fact that he was a homeschooler with flexible hours. not to mention my comment of self-reliance.

since my son is only 12 and since i didn't know these people whatsoever, (although i did run a background check on our state police website), i decided that i would stay there. not near him mind you, but on the opposite side of the barn. i warned him about what to watch for and to leave if at any point he was uncomfortable. but, insisted he not act as if i were there.. which meant not coming over near me at all.... no, none of that. he had a job to do and so did i.

i just had to sneak and take this snap of him loading antiques for a customer. he's the one in the orange shirt.

my job? i planted myself next to this silo and shade tree, and worked on my chidren's novel. i hit a few brick walls while writing... so, i went back and tweaked some things. i am elated with what i have written so far... but at a point where i'm spinning my wheels.

i love this banged up piece of garden artwork outside one of the barns. look close, the ladies arms are made from table legs... the rest of the artwork remains a mystery?
quite possibly, there's an opportunity for the both of us this summer? tommie earning money and learning about antique furniture, working for someone eles and me sitting next to a silo.... with the warm breeze taking me across the pond... to where my novel takes place.
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Oh, very cool! I would have stayed nearby also. How great that he can have that experience. Wishing you the best on your book!
Hmm, I bet you could make something like that with an old ironing board.

Anonymous said...

looks like an ironing board lady :)
yay for Tommie and a good paying job and yay for your children's book- Janet M

Karin said...

We have been looking for opportunities just like that for our boys. They want so badly to earn a little extra pocket money.
It is different from money that mom and dad give you for extras around the house.
Ben created a flier to pass out to our neighbors. So far he has gotten one job with a promise of more to come. Hopefully he will get some other calls as well.

Tommy's experience is especially wonderful because he isn't just using his muscles. He is also learning a wealth of information about the past and the present.

P.S. We found a book similar to Today in History which you posted about... It is also called Today in History A Day by Day Review of World Events
DK and The History Channel and This Week in History
A Tehabi Book