April 28, 2010

just had to post my mom's latest project!
she just finished making this drop-dead gorgeous footstool!
it is made with hand-dyed wool-- much of it she dyes herself.
right on top of her stove. or the wool is recycled.
it is breath-taking in real-life. don't you think she should give it to me
for my birthday?
a really interesting article on the english and early american background of how it all originated is: click here!


Anonymous said...

This is the very best. She really is one of the best at this. The colors are wonderful. and the best part of it all is-------- Everyone should have a passion. and she has it. I love it. As long as I have been around your mom she has to have her hands busy. Looks like it paid off.

Sue said...

Beautiful! Gorgeous! The colors are Fantastic!
Your mom has a wonderful gift :)

jamie said...

Wow, that is amazing...just beautiful! I can see now where you get your creativity.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

One of my bestestest friends is a hooker........I bought alllll of the supplies, but I never quite mastered the art...even with a Super Hooker/Teacher as my guide. This little stool is just toooo darn cute. I'm crazy about it.

Warm blessings,