May 03, 2010

one of the many great things about homeschooling is, you can justify most any activity under different subjecst. you just have to get a little creative. example.... calculating pi, using a hot dog counts as math and creative arts.

a review of calculating pi... above and below, we took turns tossing a hot dog into the center of a circle for the radi and used a dog leash careful laid into a circle shape. how divine is my homeschool son's outfit? no peer pressure to wear abercrombie and hollister here! it's salvation army for my boy!

and check out his teacher... (me). wellingtons and shorts and an inside out sweatshirt.

afterwards, my boy had this great idea to wedge turkey feathers into the side of the hot dog, hook it onto a fishing pole and flip it over a tree branch! see first picture. who needs a brick building and workbook for this? not us. smile, wink, nod.

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jamie said...

LOL Looks like you were having fun. :)