April 03, 2010

call me crazy.

but, when my big blue eyes spotted these lovable little peking ducks at our local tractor supply store.... i just had to have them! four to be exact. oh sure, i didn't bother thinking that the novelty will wear off and they'll grow up and be messy. no... i was having a tasha tudor moment. or beatrix potter. maybe it was the fact that it was easter weekend. or the near-record highs of 80's in april in michigan. or when i looked at the excitement in my 12 year old's eyes?

we bought a bag of poultry feed,
carried these chicks out in a
cardboard box. quacking the
entire ride home.

very little work was done yesterday. my son and i played with the ducks most of the day. they followed us everywhere. and, i never tired of tommie talking baby talk to them.
my husband brad, on the other hand... wasn't as caught up in the excitement as we were. i'm putting this mildly. his ears turned red and i believe i saw what looked like little puffs of steam spouting from his ears. no really, i'm serious.
however, after a few hours he was over it.... i'm sure i even heard him talking baby talk to one of them. but, pretend you don't know this.
let's not forget the real reason for
this weekend... Matthew: 26-28.
read it. read it again. read it to
your children. talk about it. and
give thanks.


Sue said...

Too Cute!
Love the picture of the duckling by the flower :)

jamie said...

Aww, soo cute! :-)

Mitzi Curi said...

Those little ducklings are so photogenic! Even their feet are adorable. I hope they are good additions to your family once they grow.....you're going to hear a lot of quacking this summer!

~Byn There said...

ducks are more stupid than chickens, enjoy their cuteness while you can. We did ducks one year....NEVER again.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww!so very very very cute! don't eat them! Janet M