April 01, 2010

today finds me a little perkier... thank you for the well wishes. it's a drag when you have so much you want to do and no oooooomph to do it! well, the oooooomph better stick around for today.... because in an hour, i'll be setting up a garage sale with my neighbor. it's early to have a garage sale in michigan--- but the weather is so incredible for this time of year, we decided we should capitalize on it!
i was stunned. yep, literally stunned when i heard about three area goodwills in the next county due west of us... closing their doors. i just had to ask... why? i was told that they weren't meeting their budget. now, i'll tell you..... our economy is so bad in michigan that even goodwill is tossing in the towel... and, it's donation-driven at that.
when i hear news like this.... and it's everywhere in our state, with everyone you talk to... the country song, "why don't we just dance?" echoes in my head... and, sometimes i even dance around my kitchen- all by myself to forget the troubles of these times. you should try it sometime!
it will make you smile... that i can promise! smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Happy Easter, Michele! Glad you are feeling better. Love the dancing idea...makes me smile just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Shelly love the pictures of the ducks, Enough said. What a wonderful day we had yesterday, Your mind works so different, I love how you see things so different than anyone, and make such special things out of nothing, Your green man, made out of a sweater, should be sent to NY. to the manufacture of that sweater, They would probably love it, and it would bring back some memories. love you most Aj I am in the city won't be to church